The Best Sea-Doo Rental Company In The Okanagan

Spark also is limited to a top speed of 50 MPH but the manufacturer calls it "the ultimate watersports toy." Many larger watercraft can run at speeds up to 60 MPH.

Everyone who tested the Spark Watercraft was amazed at how "bullet proof" it really is. The hull on the Spark truly supports its weight and I think that this is where everyone's bias should start: with the hull, which weighs about 100 pounds. It doesn't have all-terrain treads like other Seadoo models, so your feet might get wet when riding through shallows; however, we've experienced no problems with performance as a result. While it does feel light in person, don't let that fool you into thinking that it isn't a super capable machine, producing plenty of power, and fun as well!

One of the best things about renting a jet ski is that you have your own private domain where no one can bother you. The Spark is not going to be as fun as that due to its smaller size and seating; however, if you want something for a small lake or pond with little traffic, it'll do nicely.

The Seadoo Spark is an economy watercraft that will run for about two hours on $25 of gasoline. It's fast enough to pull a tube behind it and has totally customizable steering capabilities for any age group. We found the Spark incredibly easy to control, even at top speeds (up to 50MPH.) While we didn't get wet in the seat area while riding it, riders should still wear full-length wetsuits just in case they aren't careful

As I've stated before, the Spark is also meant for racing, but this does come at a cost: convenience. The hull provides everything you need from skiing features such as dual-skiing poles when you ride two up. When you do ride solo, there's plenty of room for storage compartments and in fact holds all sorts of fun toys like life vests, rings, spare gas cans and anything else that can fit inside its storage container.

Ultimately whether or not you'd like to rent a jet ski in the Okanagan, your fun in the sun and in the water won't be affected. Kelowna and the other cities surrounding are beautiful places to come visit!